Coach MeikaWelcome. I’m glad your Spirit brought you here.

This site is about becoming a tree.

Well, maybe becoming tree-like.

I have been a seeker for many years. I’ve studied many forms of spirituality beginning with the formal religious base, under which I was born. I realized that form of relating to God didn’t suit me so I ventured out to find what did. Along the way I learned some basic Truths about the nature of the Universe. I’ve read the Holy books of most major religions and some not so major. I understand the Law of Attraction.

Bottom line: As I think and believe, so I create my reality.

But why is it so hard to think and believe what I want to be my reality?

The world is full of foolishness and distraction, that’s why.

Family and jobs and relationships and the news and Trump… Those things make me, and I suspect a whole lotta other people, wobbly in our focus. It makes us wobbly in our faith in ourselves and the rest of humanity. Everywhere you look, fear and doubt are rearing their ugly heads.

I noticed, however, that if I take my mind off the world and stayed focused on the capital ‘T’ Truth, the better able I was to manifest the Life I wanted AND I was able to help others do the same. (Yeah baby!)

I learned to keep my mind right despite the chaos and if we all do that, I think we just might be able to change the world. 

So I created this site as a reminder – a daily kick in the pants to remember not to look at what’s going on out there (effect), but to focus on what’s going on in here (cause). That’s all we can control.

I also REALLY like graphic tees (and The Matrix and nachos with no cheese – don’t judge me).

Let’s try to become tree-like so that when the wind blows or when squirrels crawl up in funny places, we can stay still, keep our leaves pointed towards the sun and bloom like nobody’s business.

Follow Your Bliss,

Coach Meika

From the PR folks:

Coach Meika is a Best Selling Author and Personal Transformation Coach. Through her businesses and community endeavors, Coach Meika has helped hundreds of individuals create breakthroughs in self-care, spiritual connection, and business building. An active member of the community, Coach Meika has been seen on the sidelines coaching youth basketball, leading scouts and teaching entrepreneurship. She was the Atlanta host for Live Your Legend, an organization that was started to support individuals in doing work they love. 

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